Super 40 Multifunctional High Performance Spray


Plastic safe, high di electric strength cleaner, lubricant, moisture displacer, penetrant & corrosion inhibitor that lossens dirt scale, rust. Reopens jammed assemblies, cleans grease/grime and prevents electrical malfunctions caused by water penetration, humidity, condensation or corrosion

Application Areas

  1. Mechanical : Treaded assemblies, tools, molds, dies, electrical systems, precision machined components.
  2. Electrical : Motors, generators, electromechanical equipments, Communication systems, re opening jammed parts & assemblies
  • Relays, contactors, switches
  • Colls, fuses, switch, gears, circuit breakers
  • Ultra sensitive sensors


  • Cleans, Lubricates, Penetraces
  • Displaces moisture, Prevents corrosion
  • CFC free formulation
  • 360 derajat spray action for maximum convenience of use
  • Fast action ‘deep’ penetrative cleaner- quickly loosens dirt, scale, rust. Re openis jammed assemblies & cleans grease, grime
  • Superior capillary action-best in calss penetration
  • Displaces moisture. Dries out wet electrical system & ignitions
  • Cleans &degreases, penetrates dirt, grime, grease. Dissolves adhesives
  • Dielectric strength 47KV. Instantly improves electrical properties & enables equipment operation
  • Protects against rust & corrosion. Fills microscopic irregularities on the surface & forms a protective barrier against corrosion & moisture damage

Characteristics & Properties

Type Mineral oil
Appearance Light Brown color liquid
Coating thickness 10-30 micron
Surface spreading rate 5.0 sqmtr/can
Service temperature -50 to +100 derajat celcius
Density 0.82
Corrosion resistance (DIN 50 021) 144 Hrs @30 micron

Direction for use

Shake well before use.Spray from adistance of 20-30 cm to the lubrication point to be completely wetted. For limited accessible areas, use the attached capillary tube.Spray product on relevant parts to untighten heavy moving or rusty joints. Allow to work in for time corresponding to depth ofpenetration required. Repeat treatment if necessary. Slight hits on relevant places will ease the detachment procedure. Mix only with suitable lubricants.


Store off the ground in a dry, protected area in temperaturebetween 40°-100°F (4°-38°C). Containers must be kept sealed when not in use.

Shelf Life

24 Months from date of manufacture when stored unopened at 10°- 30°C. Although the product undergoes no chemical changes during very long storage, it would be advisable to conduct a small quantity trial when the material is to be used after 24 months from the date of manufacture.


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