Super Series Flawchek


Designed to locate surface discontinuities or other indications on all non-porous materials (Metals, Plastics, Ceramics), Cracks, Seams, Porosity, Laps, Laminations, Cold Shuts. Used to detect welding, casting & forging defects, cracks & leaks in new -components and fatigue cracks on in – service components.


  • Will detect wide spectrum of flaw sizes regardless of flaw orientation up to 1 micron to 30 microns depth on standard Ni – Cr test panel
  • Superior capillary action, Non – Toxic, Non -Corrosive, Free from halides & sulfides
  • Confirms to MIL-1-25135, MILSTD 271, IS: 3658 -198 ‘Code of practice for liquid penetrant flaw detection
  • CFC Free formulation










Evaluation of micro surface defects & flaws in weld deposits, wrought & cast products of both Ferrous & Non-Ferrous metals, powder metallurgy parts, ceramics, plastics & Glass objects. Perfect for examining Stress corrosion and Fatigue cracks – Cranes, Bridges, Vessels, Piping, Railways. So as to prevent breakdowns, injuries or loss of life


  • Super Clean & Super Penetrant – 24 Months from the date of manufacture
  • Super Developer – 18 Months from the date of manufacture
  • The stated Shelf life period shall be achieved only under recommended storage conditions


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